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1965: The Dawn of Our Current Age

1965: The Dawn of Our Current Age

Crisis Magazine ^ | June 5, 2015 | STEPHEN M. KRASON


Posted on 6/5/2015, 5:20:21 PM by NYer

LBJ signs Medicare bill at Truman LIbrary 1965

Different writers here and there have talked about 1965, fifty years ago, as a year of transition. It was a year in America when trends came into focus, culture was altered, and life changed—politically, socially, culturally, morally, and in the Catholic Church. Perhaps historian James T. Patterson provided the most detailed elaboration on these developments and their implication for the country in his bluntly titled book from a song of the time, The Eve of Destruction: How 1965 Transformed America.

First, the national policies put in place that year as LBJ launched his Great Society made the federal welfare/entitlement state a regular feature of American life and inaugurated what another historian, Steven F. Hayward, called the “third wave of the progressive administrative state.” This was the year of Medicare and Medicaid, which made the federal government a health care provider and re-shaper of the health care system. What began then has culminated in Obamacare. This was when the federal education legislation was passed that made Washington an ongoing subsidizer of pre-college public schools and set up the college-level student loan and grant programs. So began the ever-heightening federal control of education, even compromising the independence of private—including religious—higher education.

The federal role in housing and urban renewal also accelerated, and for the first time included rent subsidies. It would only be a matter of

via 1965: The Dawn of Our Current Age.

via 1965: The Dawn of Our Current Age.

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