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Honoring our Forefathers

Honoring our Forefathers

Canada Free Press ^ | 07/06/15 | Lt. Col. (P) Bill Connor

Posted on 7/6/2015, 6:58:25 PM by Sean_Anthony

The heritage of the South, symbolized by the Confederate Battle Flag, is so important to many

Like nearly all South Carolinians, I was deeply saddened upon learning of the senseless murders at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. At the time, I was serving (military duties) outside the state when I also learned one of the slain was related to a fellow soldier.

I continue to pray for the families. Their Christian witness after the tragedy impacted us all.

For the sake of respect for the victims and their families, I did not believe it appropriate to write an article in response to the Confederate flag issue in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy; not during the period for mourning. I had to pray about timing, as I wanted nothing I said to detract from the care of the families. However, now that we have had an opportunity to grieve (and with the recent U.S. Supreme Court gay marriage decision undermining states’ 10th Amendment powers), I feel compelled to offer a contrasting view about the Confederate Battle Flag.

First, family connections to both the Confederate flag and the “Stars and Stripes” are a common theme among Southerners, and will help provide perspective.

(Excerpt) Read more at canadafreepress.com …

via Honoring our Forefathers.

via Honoring our Forefathers.

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