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El Chapo Threatens Trump!

El Chapo Threatens Trump!

Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | July 13 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 7/13/2015, 3:27:15 PM by Kaslin

RUSH: El Chopo. Or is it El Chapo? El Chapo.

So El Chapo gets out of jail, a mile long tunnel, one and a half kilometers, ventilated, built right under the Mexicans in their Mexico City jail, nobody knows how.

The Drive-Bys are marveling, folks, over what an engineering feat it is, just like they used to marvel how Bill Clinton lied to them. The Drive-Bys are just stunned and impressed beyond all measure at how El Chapo built his escape tunnel. El Chapo, the biggest drug lord ever.


Greetings, my friends, and great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh back at it, brand-new week, broadcast excellence, 800-282-2882, the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

And I’ll tell you what, (laughing) El Chapo is mad at Trump. Now, imagine this. Here’s El Chapo, whose actual name is Joaquin Guzman, not to be confused with any other Guzman that you might know. Joaquin Guzman, he’s head of the Sinaloa Cartel. It’s the largest cartel out there. It is the cartel of cartels.

He flees this Mexico City prison and the first thing he did was get on Twitter to start bashing Trump? He starts calling Trump a midget. He starts threatening Trump. He tells Trump he will regret his words. He’ll be made to eat his words. He’s threatening Trump because Trump criticized Guzman’s escape.

My gosh, if you’ve been in jail for a year and a half or however long he’s been in jail and you run the biggest drug cartel in the world, the first thing you want to do when you get out is send a tweet to Donald Trump? (laughing) I mean, you couldn’t write a script.


RUSH: Everybody’s wondering where El Chapo went. Anybody looking in San Francisco? What better place for the guy to hole up. He could have the best of all worlds. He could go to San Francisco, the City by the Bay. He’d be shielded and protected against any US law that a sanctuary city refuses to obey. They would love him there! They would love El Chapo in San Francisco……..MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via El Chapo Threatens Trump!.

via El Chapo Threatens Trump!.

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