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Trump Is Still Right (McCain)

Trump Is Still Right (McCain)

The Market-Ticker ^ | July 21, 2015 | Karl Denninger

Posted on 7/21/2015, 9:56:12 AM by SatinDoll

The latest media-generated “blowup” is from The Donald saying that McCain isn’t a real war hero.

Well, he’s not folks.

You don’t become a war hero by being captured by the enemy. You might become one through what you did before or after that, but the act of being captured itself doesn’t qualify because you don’t choose that.


McCain is not a war hero because there was nothing particularly valorous about his service.

Moreover, and at least as important, what he did to his first wife was viperous, not valorous.

Carol McCain is a war hero. She stuck with her imprisoned husband without complaint through his entire time being held as a POW, raising their three children alone while he was in prison. She made a series of valorous choices. But then she was in a terrible car accident that left her permanently impaired and John McCain ditched her for a very wealthy and beautiful heiress who not only became his lover but financed his political campaigns.

War hero eh? I think not.

McCain is a snake who will screw anyone for his own personal and political aggrandizement.

The reason the political establishment on both sides is all over Trump for this latest comment is that mistreating those who you have taken a sacred oath to before God, one that certainly ought to be more important than your petty oath to defend and protect the Constitution (which is also routinely ignored), is treated as a sport in politics.

Trump is right — again…………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Trump Is Still Right (McCain).

via Trump Is Still Right (McCain).

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