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Letter: A mess from top to bottom

Letter: A mess from top to bottom

The Greensburg Daily News ^ | July 28, 2015 | Jean Johannigman

Posted on 7/28/2015, 2:27:07 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

Dear Editor:

This country is in a mess from the top to the bottom.


The democrats have had control and have definitely impacted an increase in this mess.

So we were were all supposed to vote “Republican” and they would clean this up.

Yeh right!

Everyone needs to realize that the “establishment Republicans” and the democrat party (from the top to the bottom) work together to retain their power and their money (which is really OUR money). The ruse of being “against” each other only surfaces when elections happen and only for theatrical “effect”.

Is there hope? In my opinion I just saw some. His name is Ted Cruz and he is running for President. He called out the head of his own party, Mitch McConnell for the liar he is right on the senate floor. Senate leader McConnell lied to all 54 senators of their party about the import / export bill. For those who do not know what the import /export bill does….it gives money to large corporations who do not need OUR money. And make no mistake it IS our money. Mr. Cruz also called Senate leader McConnell out for staging a faux vote where it would look like the Republicans were actually voting to do something on Obamacare. Back when Senator Cruz was leading a meaningful battle that could have effected defunding Obamacare….McConnell lied to them again and Senator Cruz again called him out.

Ted Cruz is fighting for us. Wake up and smell the coffee. We NEED Ted Cruz.

Jean Johannigman


via Letter: A mess from top to bottom.

via Letter: A mess from top to bottom.

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