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Is Biden Ready? | Brittius

Is Biden Ready?

Posted on August 2, 2015 by Brittius


Keep an eye on Biden, as he could very well end up in the presidential race. Biden, if serious, and not clowning around, would be the candidate best qualified for the office but, he wants to parrot Obama’s policies, which leads me to believe that there is someone or some group of investors or corporations, calling the shots and giving the orders to Obama and others, including Republicans. If Biden were to step away from Obama at sometime around the New Year, and push his own policies, old school Democrat and not Socialist, he might be a pleasant surprise but it would require Biden to stand down on the Second Amendment issues and go whole hog on the economy. US manufacturing and jobs. Lowering taxes for small businesses. The political leeches that are race terrorists, need to be shown the White House door, and given the presidential boot in the rear end. Biden is, just the guy to do that. He is a “Dinner Table Democrat”, as my father was, and many of our parents and grandparents were, but it is his decision if he really wants to be president, or another elected puppet and clown. Keep an eye on Biden and watch him. January 2016, he will need to make a twist to the Right, or he will be cooked.

via Is Biden Ready? | Brittius.

via Is Biden Ready? | Brittius.

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